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Portugal Trip Day 7

Lagos Portugal, 5/31/2022

Day 7 started out with me copying all of the video files I had shot so far to my portable hard drive and stating the video editing process. After the walk up the hill the day before we agreed to take a rest day and I started the long process of organizing and editing videos.

We went part way down the hill and had a quick lunch and coffee before wandering back up to the apartment. I bought train tickets to go visit Portimão tomorrow which cost about €2 each for the round trip. We are excited to see another location, we passed through Portimão on the train to Lagos.

For dinner we debated what to do and decided to go back to the city center as the walk up last night wasn’t to bad using the alternate route. We went to the boardwalk near the city center and I shot some 360º video of the area. We then went to dinner at an Indian restaurant and it was actually quite good. We went to a cafe and had our now customary after dinner coffee, and then I got Ice cream for desert and it got all over my beard much to Sue’s amusement.

We walked back up to the apartment and got ready for our trip the next day.


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