Namba / Dotonbori

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Rating: 4 out of 4.

Namba spans the Dotonbori River and includes the Dotonobori and Shin Sai Bashi shopping districts. Namba basically spans between the Namba station and Nipponbashi stations. It is noted for it’s nightlife, food, and shopping. There are neon signs that line the buildings along the Dotonbori river including the famous Osaka Running Man. The Don Quijote is also fairly famous for it’s roller coaster atop the building along the river.

When to go

Namba opens up around 9 or 10 am like most areas the shopping area is open with stores starting as early as 8. But to really experience Namba you need to go at night after dark. The bars are open all night into the morning and if you want to see Salarymen stumbling out going to work in the morning go pick up a melon pan around 7 AM. Most of the main shopping is covered however the back alleys are open.

What is nearby?

Osaka has a lot to offer a visitor around the city.

How to get there?

Namba can be accessed from the Namba Station and Nipponbashi station. It extends north across the Dotonbori river and south a few blocks from the station exits.

Hours of operation

Namba is open 24/7 however most of the shops are open from around 8AM to 9PM, the restaurants and bars open before lunch and go late into the night.


Namba is a series of public streets so it is free but have cash on hand for food and shopping.

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