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Why you should do a Travel Diary

Why should I keep a Travel Diary?

One of the best souvenirs from a trip is the memories and pictures that we take while there.  Nothing helps remind you of the fun times you had on a trip like viewing the photos you took.  And part of remembering about the photos you take is to keep a diary of each place you go and record your thoughts on the day and time that you made them.  
How do I know these months later that Hiroshima is one of the most moving and humbling places I have been?  The photo’s help but my diary contains my thoughts of that day and the very rambling nature of my diary entry helps compel what I was feeling.  
Diary entries don’t need to be long, but they should include enough information about what you saw.  I normally start out with the date and time, the weather conditions, if I took any pictures I explain why I thought each picture was important.  I also try and explain what I’m feeling and a little bit about the location.
For my Diaries I use field note notebooks as they are small and easy to slip into a pocket or backpack.  I also use a compact Fischer Space Pen as I know it will always write in almost any condition which is important if I am far from the city and trying to complete my diary entry.  I always have spare notebooks and pens with me just in case.

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