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Nara is the capital of the Nara Prefecture which sits between Kyoto and Osaka in Western Japan. Nara contains many temples and shrines and has a large park with tame deer.

The two main attractions in Nara is the Todai-Ji temple with the largest bronze Buddha in Japan, and Nara Park where the bowing deer live. You can get to both by taking the Nara Loop Bus system from Nara Station or by walking from the Kintetsu-Nara Station.

From Osaka if you have a JR Rail Pass you can take the Yamatoji Line to Nara Station. Or if you want a quicker route not on JR you can take the Kintetsu-Nara Line from Osaka-Namba Station to Kinetetsu-Nara Station. This puts you closer to Nara Park.

From Kyoto you take the Nara Line to Nara Station from Kyoto Station. The Nara line passes by Fushimi Inari shrine which is a nice stopover either out to or back from Nara via Kyto.

Nara Has a good selection of restaurants and street food venders to purchase food from but will be crowded during Sakura Season, Fall, and the weekends.

Things to see in Nara