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Japan Log Day 2

Day 2, Tokyo, AnimeJapan 2019, 3/23/19

On our second day we went to the Largest Japanese Anime Con. I’m not sure how to describe it but I will try. The lines were quick and there was no security getting in to the con. There was not a lot of Cosplay walking around. It was either at a booth or it was in the cosplay area. If you wanted to Cosplay you bought a separate ticket for ¥500 ($5.00) and had a three hour slot in the the cosplay area. The area had changing booths so you could change when you got to the con. The Convention center was located on a trash island and there are not a lot of hotels nearby so everyone comes in by train. The convention itself was all companies showing off their series, there was no artist alley or people selling random Funko pops or things like that. It reminded me a lot of San Diego Comic Con. And it was packed, people were just moving through and you had to push where you wanted to go. It was easily the most packed con I’ve ever been to.

After a short rest at the Con at the only seats we could find we took a bus to Tsujuki the old fish market and wandered around the outside stalls. I’ll let Sue tell people about the bus ride, but it was packed. We had some excellent Bluefin tuna sushi at a local stall.

After that we returned to our AirBnB and packed up as we were relocating on Day 3. Sue Stayed in but Jonathan and I went out for ramen as we were in Shinjuku. We had Ramen at Ichiran, This is hands down the best ramen I’ve ever had and it has ruined all other ramen for me. Easily one of the top five meals I’ve ever eaten. I will go back before my return home.  




AnimeJapan Sign


The Entrance to AnimeJapan 2019


Cosplayer at AnimeJapan


A street in Tsujuki Fish Market


The sign for the Best Ramen in Japan


The Start of Ramen Service




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