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Hotel Gracery in Shinjuku, The Godzilla Hotel

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Deep in the heart of Shinjuku is the home of Godzilla. You can see him as you exit Shinjuku if you choose the right exit (Hint it’s #7). He is nesting atop the Toho Theatre which is below the Hotel Gracery in Shinjuku.

You can see him from the street and he puts on a show where he spits smoke a fire multiple times a day. There is a schedule posted at the foot of the hotel and he stops in early evening so as not to disturb his neighbors staying in the hotel which is very considerate of him.

He is located on a terrace which you can access if you are staying at the hotel or more recently you can purchase a terrace access to see him from the cafe located at the terrace. You can even stay in a Godzilla themed room or a room with a view of Godzilla if you book on the Japanese Hotel Gracery site.

When to go

Godzilla is crowded on the weekends and at night. The best time to go is during the day. Godzilla is located on top of the Toho Theatre and Hotel Gracery in Shinjuku. If you want the best shot of him erupting go when it gets dark but there will be a crowd.

What is nearby?

Shinjuku is a is one of the main prefects of Tokyo with a lot of attractions nearby.

How to get there?

Hotel Gracery is located near Shinjuku Station. Take station exit 7 and turn right and head towards the Godzilla head.

The address is:

1 Chome-19-1 Kabukicho, Shinjuku City, Tokyo 160-8466, Japan

Hours of Operation

You can see Godzilla 24 hours a day. If you are staying at the hotel you can go up to the terrace Godzilla is located at and see him up close. He typically spits smoke and fire between 11AM and 7:30 PM on a set schedule. See the posting at Toho Theatres below the hotel for details.


There is no charge to see Godzilla from the street. If you want to get up close and personal you will need to be staying at the hotel or pay to get onto the terrace.


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