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2020 Pandemic Trip Day 4, The Convention Center

August 12th, 2020

Today started like the last few days with Starbucks coffee and egg bites. We then went to work, it would be my last day of work as I took the next two off to explore.

At lunch time Jonathan and I went for a walk to the bay behind the convention center. We decided to walk up the stairs in the middle and back down to get to the bay. Little did we know this would come back to haunt us the next day. We then wandered along the bay to Seaport Village and then back to the AirBnb. Seaport village had a few more people out shopping and eating then the Gaslamp area had during the day. It was weird seeing the convention center empty as we usually go during SDCC and then you could barely walk around anywhere near the convention center. We there there just a few short weeks after when the con should have been this year.

For dinner we went to Sushi 2 restaurant to get some sushi. We had seen it walking back from Little Italy on Monday. While we were eating there was a homeless man who walked out and sat down in the middle of the street. Sue called 911 and we waited around until help arrived. Unlike Phoenix the police arrived with a mental health advocate and it looked like they were taking him to get help and not to jail. After that incident wrapped up we walked back to our condo and watched Netflix for the rest of the night.


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