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Hiroshima Castle

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Hiroshima castle was originally built in the late 1500’s by the local Daimyo (Lord) of Hiroshima. It was destroyed on August 8th 1945 by the Atomic bomb drop and was rebuilt in the 1950’s.

The castle serves as Hiroshima’s museum for it’s feudal history. The Castle tower where the museum is charges an admission fee but is well worth it. Like Osaka Castle the grounds themselves are open to the public with many green spaces to enjoy. There is only a charge for special events and for going into the tower itself.

The Castle is located within an easy walk of The Peace Park and Museum as well as the Atomic Bomb Dome. It is also located near the Hondori shopping area and the central park in Hiroshima which is a large open green space.

When to go

The Castle is open from 9AM to 6PM. However the castle grounds will stay open later if there is an event going on. When we were there in March of 2019 the castle grounds were open until 1AM as there was a night light show going in in the castle grounds that you could purchase admission to separately.

What is nearby?

Hiroshima is a vibrant city with a lot of attractions nearby.

How to get there?

You can get to the Castle by walking. However, I recommend taking the Street car as it is a nice scenic ride and starts at the train station. There are stops near the castle, Johoku, Kencho-Mae, and Kamiyacho-nishi. You can also take the Hiroshima subway and walk a short distance from Hondori Station.

The address is:

21-1 Motomachi, Naka Ward, Hiroshima, 730-0011, Japan

Hours of Operation

The castle is open 9AM to 6PM.


There is no charge to visit the castle. If you want to go up in the Castle tower there is a charge and the last entrance is at 5:30PM. There are also a lot of special events on the castle grounds which charge an admission fee.


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