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Japan Travel Log Day 16

Travel Day 16, Tokyo, 4/6/2019

Today Sue and I said goodbye to Jonathan as he moved into a Hostel near Ueno Station and Su and I traveled a bit further south to our hotel in Kinshicho which is just south of Tokyo Skytree. The hotel is nice and located two blocks from the metro station. The rooms are small for a typical hotel but larger then a traditional Japanese hotel.

Sue was sick and didn’t get better upon leaving our hotel so we quickly moved to the hotel and checked in. We later figured out that Sue may have drunk some non potable water as she got a glass of water at our last AirBnB which we think was converted from a commercial space. Japan has two water systems a non-potable system and a potable system. And we think that kitchen sink in our lat AirBnB may have been non potable, but we aren’t sure. Sue was the only one that drank out of it and she was the only one that got sick.

We found out on getting to our hotel that the Immodium was in the same bag as my sudafed so I took it out prior to coming to Japan. Check out my post on bringing medicine into Japan to learn more. We also found getting medication in Japan that we are used to is not easy. After we got Sue settled in the room I ran out to get lunch at Lawsons which was right next door. I also ran to a department store to try and get some medication but the first one I got was the famous rabbit pellets which Sue did not like.

For Dinner I went to KFC and I must say that the Japanese version is much more juicy and tender. I ate it two more times before we left as it was close and Sue did not want me gone for two long as she was not feeling well. I got accosted by guys trying to get me to go do a Japanese Massage with a good time going to KFC from the hotel as the Hotel was near a red light district. I got Sue some more food from Lawsons on the way back and then we turned in for the night.


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