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Japan Travel Log Day 13

Travel Day 13, Tokyo, 4/3/19:

This is the first of the travel logs for Japan that was not included on my personal Facebook page.

Today started out with a trip to 7/11 for some breakfast while we each showered and got ready. The AirBnB is an old converted storefront (Remember this in a few days travel logs) on a side street in Asakusa. There is one room with 6 beds in it, a kitchen area and the bathroom is a western style bathroom at the back with a glass partition that can see into the main area with some curtains for privacy.

Since the AirBnB is close to Ueno Park we started the day in Ueno park with a stop at Starbucks where we picked up a souvenir for one of our friends and some drinks for us. We then wandered down the park looking at the Sakura Blossoms which were in full bloom. We then took the train from Ueno Station to Hanzomon Metro Station where we walked to Chidorigafuchi Park to see more Sakura in bloom. We then walked to Kitanomaru park where there is a lake and you can rent row boats to see the Sakura Blossoms from the water. We walked through the park but did not rent a boat before heading back to the AirBnB. We went to Akihabara for dinner and had Sushi near the station. Sue then bought some things for her dolls and a BJD shop near Akihabara and I picked up some props and a camera lens.

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