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Japan Log Day 1

Day 1 – Tokyo 3/22/19:

Spent our first full day in Toyko touring Akihabara and Shibuyu during the day. We walked in our first park and saw our first shrine the Meii Shrine which is close to the AirBnb we are staying at. We also took in Akiharbara and made of list of places to go back to there on the back end for things to take home. Sue went to a Hedgehog Cafe and managed to get bit by the hedgehog.  In Shibuyu we saw the famous Scramble crossing and took pictures and video of it from a new vantage point called Magnet 7.

After touring the shrine we went back to the AirBnb before we went to Shinjuku. in Shinjuku we saw the famous Robot Cafe outside and we sat in some robots that they have on display. Then we went and saw Godzilla and saw him attack Tokyo. After Godzilla we went to a Maid Cafe and I will say it was an experience and the clientele was exactly what I expected it to be. We didn’t get to see the red light district but we will continue to look. Right outside of Shinjuku station we saw our first Cherry Blossoms in Japan.

We are going to an Anime Convention tomorrow. We also decided to extend our stay in Tokyo by two days and we will be heading to the other side of Tokyo tomorrow to a new AirBnB. Cheers, Dave…

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