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Trip to Virginia Days Eleven to Thirteen

After leaving the Vinyard in Oklahoma we headed to Lake Dardenelle in Arkansas for three days so Mrs. Bald Traveler could work. We stayed at the state park just of off I-40. The drive was uneventful and we arrived to the park to check in right at 3PM. We pulled in checked in and had to wait for the fishing boats to leave so we could maneuver out of the parking lot and to our site.

Lake Dardenelle is known for it’s fishing and the state park offers free boat launching and many bass tournaments. We got into our site and you can check out our review of the campground here.

We got a little bit of rain while at Lake Dardenelle but otherwise it was a uneventful and restful stop. We restocked on Groceries, filled a propane tank and had our first camp fire since starting camping together.


Dave, The Bald Traveler

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