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Trip to Virginia Days Three to Five

To allow Mrs. Bald Traveler to work we planned our trip from Phoenix to Virginia with two big driving days on Saturday and Sunday, then three days at a campground, followed by a short drive on Wednesday of not more then 2 hours, with another stop for three days, then repeat with the weekend.

Our first three day stop was at Logan NM and Ute Lake state park. You can read my review of the park here: Ute Lake State Park Campground. This park is in the middle of no where, so there wasn’t a lot for me to explore, but I needed the time to fix some RV problems. The first the Clothes rod, I couldn’t fix because there were no options in the auto parts/ hardware store. The second was replace warm groceries, which I did at the only grocery store in town. It was well provisioned for the size of the town.

The major problem was to diagnose why our hydraulics were acting up from day one. I determined it was probably because I forgot to check the battery water level and the house batteries were dry. I got 4 gallons of distilled water at the convenience store in town and filled up the batteries. This seemed to fix the problem I thought but this was not totally the case as you will see in the next update. That wrapped up the repairs that we needed to do and I then set out to explore the park with Nell while Susan worked. I managed to work with my drone and take some footage of the lake and campground which turned out shaky due to me not balancing the drone gimbal with the filter I had put on it. I also got some footage of the trailer for a video.

This spot was chosen to be out of the way a bit and allow us to relax which it did. Our next stop had a bit more fun and allowed me to fix all of the remaining broken items.


Dave The Bald Traveler.

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