Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya Crossing which is located just outside of Shibuya Station is one of the most iconic street crossings in Japan. You can view the crossing either from the second floor of the Startbucks across the street (This is really crowded) or from Shibuya 109 which offered a free vieweing platform on the roof.

When to go

Go during the day to see the crossing in good light. But make sure to go at night when the street is lit up and everything is a glow in Neon.

What is nearby?

The following are nearby attractions that you can visit.

How to get there

Go to Shibuya station on the JR line or Metro, Use Exits: A8, A7-1, A7-2, A12, A6-1, and A6-2.

Hours of Operation

Open 24 hours a day. Note the Trains stop running around 1AM.


Shibuya Crossing is free, However, there may be a fee to use a viewing area to get a good photo or video.

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