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Japan Log Day 7

Travel Day 7, Osaka, 3/28/19:

Today was a full day in Osaka, so we went to Nara to see the Bowing deer and the largest bronze Buddha in the world. Sue of course got bit by a deer trying to find where she had her cookies. The deer will bow for you and you feed them cookies which cost 150 Yen for a pack of 10. They are all over the area where the temples are. Sue tried to take to Negotiating with the deer but failed as she speaks English and they are Japanese deer.

We then headed back into town and we had Ramen again this time with Sue. It was another night of wondering Namba and seeing the nightlife. We tried to get some Instant Hanko made but the machine at Don Quixote ate our 1000 Yen Note. It took three store employees and a review of the security camera footage to get our yen refunded.


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