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Japan Travel Log Day 19

Travel Day 19, Tokyo, 4/9/2019

This was our last full day in Tokyo. We didn’t want to leave but we have lives so we started to pack up. Jonathan informed us that he extended his trip by a week so he was staying. We may hate him, but not saying for sure as he’s Jonathan.

We had breakfast from Lawsons today and then I spent the day relaxing and making sure Sue was ok. She was feeling better but not quite 100%. I had my last lunch at KFC, Ichiran is still my favorite, followed by Sushi in Tsukiji market, and then the dinner in Kyoto we stumbled into, and then finally a tie between McDonalds and Shaka Shaka fries and KFC.

We then packed up as we wanted to sleep in tomorrow for our long flight home our checkout time was 1:00 PM which was nice.

Sue, Jonathan, Maria and I all met up at Tokyo Skytree for one last hurrah before we left. We got some things from the Pokiman store and Sue got a birthday present as it was her birthday month. We had a nice dinner and then we all parted ways. Sue and I went back and went to bed. A nice low key day.


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