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Japan Travel Log Day 15

Travel Day 15, Tokyo, 4/5/2019

Today was the last day we were together as a group. We will be moving to new and separate accommodations for the rest of the trip. Mrs. Bald Traveler and I will be going to the Moxy Hotel by Marriott near Tokyo Skytree. Jonathan will be going to a hostel near Ueno Station.

We started the day as usual by eating food from 7/11. It really is the way to eat breakfast and sometimes lunch in Japan so convenient and the food is prepared fresh daily and very good. Sue wasn’t feeling will so she stayed in while Jonathan and I explored Akihabara again. The goal for today was to go out and find the location of the famed weird vending machine corner. We managed to find it and I took a quick video of it. The raw version will be posted below for now. Once I edit and and put it up on YouTube I will switch the video over to that one. The map below lists the location of the vending machines.

We then went to Shibuya and picked up our checked bags so we could pack for our return trip home. I picked up a glass Starbucks cup that I hadn’t seen in the states at the Shibuya Starbucks.

We came home and went into Asakusa with Sue and got some food and did some shopping. Sue picked up a bowl of Ramen fake food display and I got a glass of beer before we went and found a bowl for Sue’s Ramen. We made one last trip to Don Quijote to get Kit Kats to take back home.

We then packed up our bags and got ready to part ways in the morning for our new locations.

Weird Vending Machines in Akihabara. From the main station exit walk out to Naksendo street and turn left. Walk over the bridge and make a left at the Lawson Combini just pas the next alleyway to the right is a grey building with vending machines in the bottom. You have arrived.

Raw video of the Weird Vending Machines.

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