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Trip to Virginia Day Two.

Today We started out from Gallup NM in the Walmart parking lot and headed to Logan NM and Ute Lake State Park.

Halfway to Albuquerque we started seeing highway message boards warning of an accident past Albuquerque, but we didn’t think anything of it as we were still hours from where the accident was. Remember this folly for later.

We didn’t have any prepared lunch because our inverter was off for the fridge and the meats etc got to warm. We planned to stop and get fuel and lunch past Albuquerque. Again remember this decision.

We switched from me driving to Mrs. bald Traveler driving just west of Albuquerque at a rest stop we stopped at to let Nell out and walk around for a bit. The plan was for me to pick up driving again when we stopped for lunch.

We made it through Albuquerque with no problems but 10 miles prior to where the accident was reported we hit a standstill on the road. The accident still wasn’t cleared almost 3 hours after we saw the first report of it. It took us over 2 hours to go 10 miles which ate up the buffer we had to stop for lunch and rest before arriving to check into our campsite for the next three days.

We stopped a few miles past the accident at a truck stop and got subway for lunch/dinner. Gotta love foot long subs for multiple meals. We switched drivers and saw the tour bus for Bert Kreischer. I still want to see him some day.

We made it to our destination with out any other issues. The roads from the interstate to the campground were bumpy as they were under construction which broke our clothes rod. Logan NM where we stayed was in the middle of no where with only small mom and pop places. An Independent grocery store which we well stocked, and a auto store/hardware store. Reminded me of home a bit.

The next update will be Days 3-5 at Ute lake state park.


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