Nishiki Market

The Bald Traveler Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Nishiki Market is located in Kyoto Japan near Gion close to the Kamo River. It can be accessed from the Karasuma and Gion-Shijo metro stations. Nishiki is over 400 years old and is primarily a typical Japanese market area sprinkled with shops and shrines. Like most Japanese shopping districts a good majority of it is covered which provides protection from bad weather.

Nishiki market is bordered by some major shopping centers and provides Three main covered pedestrian only streets of shopping with many offshoots. Nishiki market has many food stalls on the side streets and multiple restaurants to choose from for your dining pleasure. Nishiki also has a wide selection of japanese goods including second hand Kimino stores where you can pick up a kimono or yukata for as little as $10.

Nishiki Market is an easy walk from either the Kyoto Imperial Palace and Gardens or Gion and can be a good place to stop and rest, recharge with some food and do some shopping in an open air buy covered market area.

If you visit be sure to try some food, The pickled Octopus is the bald travelers favorite, followed by Taiyaki. And stop into one of the many shrines tucked into the market for a hidden jewel experience.

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