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Trip to Virginia Days Six to Nine

We finished day five driving from Logan New Mexico to Amarillo Texas. The drive was uneventful unlike the previous drive to Logan.

We stayed at the Big Texan RV Ranch in eastern Amarillo. The resort was nice and it was centrally located to the sites we wanted to see in Amarillo.

The first night we went to the Big Texan Steakhouse and had dinner. It was a nice dinner at an interesting restaurant. We then went to Home Depot to figure out how to replace our closet clothes rod that broke going into Logan. We came away with some ideas but nothing solid so we went home to think about it. After some more research we decided to buy a heavy duty clothes rod and mounts from Home Depot.

The next day I went out and had our house batteries checked at an Interstate Battery store which determined that one was dead, two were marginal and one was ok. Luckily they had just gotten 6 in stock so I bought 4 and went back and installed them. I then returned the cores and got the clothes rod from Home Depot and installed it in the closet with Mrs. BaldTravelers help.

That evening we went out to see the Cadillac Ranch exhibit off of I-40. Mrs. BaldTraveler and I liked it but recalled it being closer to the road the last time we drove through Amarillo. Look for a review coming up.

The next day while Mrs. BaldTraveler worked I went to the Texas Air and Space Museum near the airport. It was a nice small aviation museum and had on display a DC-3 used to verify Instrument approaches at airports that I wanted to see from my days working with the FAA. A review of the museum is coming up also.

That finishes off our time in Amarillo, our next stop on day 11 is Oklahoma City.


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