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2020 Pandemic Trip Day 3, Staying in, in the Gaslamp District

August 11th 2020

Day three of our pandemic trip was spent working our day jobs. The day started with a quick trip down the street to get Starbucks to start the day.

Jonathan and I went out at lunch time and got Thai. We then wandered around the Gaslamp district for a while to see what it was like during the day. For the most part the streets were empty as the Gaslamp district is mainly a night spot it seems even during a pandemic.

When we finished working we went out to get some street tacos for Taco Tuesday. We first went to Tacos El Cabron which claimed to be voted the worlds best Taco, we were not overly impressed they were the best taco on their side of the street. We then went to Mexican Street Tacos across the street and for 4th street these were the superior tacos.

We finished the day up watching Netflix and occasionally looking out the window at what was going on in the district at night.


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