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Japan Travel Log Day 18

Travel Day 18, Tokyo, 4/5/2019

Sue was feeling better today but she didn’t want to spend to much time away from the hotel not quite trusting my ability to get Imodium in Japan. So we decided not to do Mario Kart in Shibuya this trip but to do it on the front end of our next trip. We also both decided that we needed to come back again and soon. We’re currently looking at Fall of 2021 to catch the changing leaves which is something we don’t get here in Phoenix.

I spent the day in the hotel with Sue except for lunch which I got at KFC. We then did dinner in the hotel where I had a burger and Sue had Ramen again. It was really good and I used the free drink coupon we got on checking in. There was even a D.J. playing.

I got Sue and I some Cheese Tarts from Skytree for Sue’s birthday which we enjoyed in our room before turning in for the night.


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