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Meiji Shrine

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Meiji shrine was established in 1920 and is dedicated to the Empror Meiji and his wife Empress Shoken. Meiji Shrine is located within and adjacent to Yoyogi park and can be accessed just off the Harajuku station. It is a Shinto Imperial shrine located within Tokyo.

Meiji shrine is locacated between Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Harajuku and is easy walking distance from Harajuku Station or Sangubashi Station. when we arrived in Japan our first AirBnB was located within walking distance of Sangubashi station and we spent the first few days walking through Yoyogi park and Meiji shrine as it was convenient to where we were staying. If you want to visit I recommend the Harajuku station, however if you are on the OH line then I reccomend Sangubashi as you start uphill and walk downhill to the shrine and then can walk downhill to Harajuku Station.

On the northern end of Yoyogi Park near Sangubashi station you can get pictures of the Tokyo City Hall at night lit up.

When to go

I reccomend going in the morning or the evening when it is slightly cooler. If you go in the morning you can watch the monks burn the Ema from the day before and send the prayers up to the gods. Meiji can get crowded during the day as it is a popular tourist attraction in Tokyo.

What is Nearby?

Tokyo has a lot of attractions but those located closest to Meiji Shrine are:

How to get there?

Meiji Shrine is located in and adjacent to Yoyogi Park. You can get off on the Harajuku Station from either the Metro or JR lines and take the exit for the shrine. You will enter through the main Torii gate and walk up the hill to the shrine. You will need to make a left turn or you will instead walk to the Buddhist temple located nearby. Alternately you can that the Odakyu Odawara (OH) line and get off at Sangubashi station. You the walk up a small hill turn right and the rear entrance to the shrine park is across the train tracks. The walk is then all downhill through the shrine to Harajuku Station.

The Address is:

1-1, Kamizono-chō, Yoyogi, Shibuya, Tokyo 151-0053

Hours of Operation

The hours vary by the month so check out the website listed below, but the shrine is generally open between 6AM and 5PM.


The shrine is free to enter and is maintained by the Japanese Government as a culturally significant site. A donation is expected if you offer a prayer at the temple. You can also purchase Ema, Fortunes, and have a Priest or Nun write calligraphy in your calligraphy book if you want. The shrine also has stamps at both the Southern and Eastern Entrances that you can stamp in your book or on a Souvenir pamphlet located next to the entrances to the shrine.


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