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Atomic Bomb Dome

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The Atomic Bomb Dome is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located close to the Aioi Bridge which was the target of the first atomic bomb drop. The Aioi bridge is a T Shaped bridge which made it an easy target the bomber crew to see. Prior to the bombing on August 6 1945 it was known as the Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall.

Contrary to popular belief the Dome was not ground zero for the blast. The blast actually exploded some 150 meters south east of the dome and 240 meters from the target. But do to the domes close proximity to ground zero it withstood the blast.

The original intent was to tear down the promotion hall with the rest of the affected areas of Hiroshima but it was decided to preserve the dome and promotion hall structure as they were as a reminder to future generations of the power and destruction of atomic bombs.

You can usually find a survivor around the dome site during the day and into the evening talking about what it was like during the days right after the bombing. It is a moving message that if you listen and take it to heart will affect you. These survivors are trained and paid for by the Hiroshima and Japanese governments to help remind the world of the devastation that war causes, a new generation the second and third generational descendants of the survivors are also working to help visitors understand what it was like as the survivors die off.

In my travels only one other location has emotionally effected me like the Dome and nearby peace park has. It reminded me of the impact that war has especially new weapons. And that the impact itself is not just on the dropping of the bomb but a lingering monster that attacks those working on the cleanup days and months after by suffering from new illnesses like radiation poisoning.

When to go

The Atomic Bomb dome is most striking at twilight or later as it is lit up and glows for the visitor. Another striking time to go is at 8:15 AM when the bomb exploded.

What is nearby?

Hiroshima is a vibrant city with a lot of attractions nearby.

How to get there?

You can get to the Atomic Bomb Dome by walking. However, I recommend taking the Street car as it is a nice scenic ride and starts at the train station. There is an exit right near the dome, called the Atomic Bomb Dome Stop. You can also take the Hioshima subway and walk a short distance from Hondori Station.

The address is:

1-10 Otemachi, Naka Ward, Hiroshima, 730-0051, Japan

Hours of Operation

The Dome is open 24 hours a day.


There is no charge to see the dome site.


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