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Japan Log Day 8

Travel Day 8, Osaka to Kyoto, 3/29/19:

The only day I’ve been somewhat concerned on this trip so far for my safety. We got up and went out to get some breakfast and the Salary Men where leaving the bars for the night at 9 AM and really drunk falling down and arguing. We moved to the other side of the street but were concerned. Steam Buns were secured.
We stored our bags and toured Osaka Castle, they had the turrets over the wall open which was not normal, so we took advantage of that and toured them also sans Sue who decided to wait on a bench and make some Japanese Friends. The views were lovely and it was a nice walk through the park.
We collected our bags and headed to the train station to take a short train ride to Kyoto on the express trains. It was an experience as we were doing it during rush hour.
After getting to our AirBnB in Kyoto we went out and found a small restaurant in an alley that was fantastic. We had a great meal then headed back to the AirBnB.

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