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Japan Travel Log Day 11

Torii Gates at Fushimi Inari

Travel Day 11, Kyoto, 4/1/19:

Today we left the AirBnB and it was cold but Cloudy. We hopped a train for a short ride down to Fushimi-Inari Station to see the famous Fushimi-Inari Fox Temple and Torri Gates. When we got to the station it was raining so I bought a Japanese Umbrella as a souvenir. Sue and I then walked through the Food stalls and into the Temple grounds where I got an Ema board. We walked through the gates which were crowded but not overly so. Next time we come back I will go early in the morning as the gates are open 24/7. We got some real Souvenirs and then headed back into town to Nishiki Market where we got some yummy strawberry cheese tarts. We then bought a second hand Kimono and Obi to display at our house.

After grabbing some lunch and a Conveyer belt Sushi restaurant in a department store, I bought another Yukata set which is more traditional. I am still looking for Tabi and Setta that will fit me to wear with it, Maybe Tokyo…

Sue and Jonathan went to an otter cafe and Sue only got nibbled on. I window shopped and ate a boiled and pickled baby octopus. It was interesting and I learned my lesson of standing in lines in Japan just to see what is going on.

After the otter experience I bought some gifts for people and a purse to wear with my Yukata. Jonathan then bought a Yukata as they had them long enough for him (3L/4L). We then went to a nice restaurant and had steak for dinner before heading home packing up for our trip back to Tokyo and eating our cheese tarts.


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