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Japan Travel Log Day 12

Travel Day 12, Kyoto to Tokyo, 4/2/19:

Today Started out interesting. I started a shower for Sue and the steam set off the smoke detector. So we had to deal with the Fire and Police departments in Kyoto. Luckily it was our last day in Kyoto and we where checking out of the AirBnB. Sue did the English to Japanese Translation dance with the fire department.

We then took the train back to Tokyo and checked in to our next and last AirBnB. Sue and I will be switching to a hotel in a few days before we depart next week. A quick 7/11 Dinner and we were in for the night as it was windy in Tokyo which made it extra cold.

On the trip back to Tokyo we were able to see Mt Fuji from the Train as we raced back into cold and Windy Tokyo.



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