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Japan Log Day 5

Day 5: Tokyo to Hiroshima, 3/26/19:

  Today started with a Shinkansen ride to Hiroshima from Tokyo.

When we arrived we stored our luggage at the station in a locker and took a street car to the Peace park. I do not have words to describe what this place felt to me. It is something I’m glad I did and it will stick with me forever. After looking at the Dome we walked through the peace park and looked at the memorial and also the Burial mound for the victims. We then toured the Memorial Museum and saw items that survived the blast.

We returned at Dusk and took more pictures at golden hour. We then wandered over to Hiroshima Castle, where I left Jonathan to wander a digital art exhibit and I got some dinner for Sue and I at 7/11.

I just don’t have words to describe anything further today other then to say see this place if you can.


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