Big Texan Steakhouse

Amarillo Tx

The Bald Traveler Review:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Big Texan Steakhouse in Amarillo Tx, consists of a themed steakhouse, motel, and campground. We’ve reviewed the campground here. The steakhouse advertises a free steak dinner if you can eat a 72oz steak with all the fixin’s within an hour. We didn’t partake of the challenge but did order some steaks which were done to our likeness.

The parking lot was full but we were seated within 15 minutes of arriving and the service was good on a Wednesday evening. While waiting to sit down we looked through the gift shop and toured the small arcade area. We also wondered outside and took some pictures with the giant bull.

When to go

The Big Texan is open for lunch and dinner. Going during the week is better as less people are there. It can get more crowded during the weekend.

What is Nearby?

Amarillo has a lot to offer in attractions for the traveler.

  • Big Texan RV Ranch
  • Cadillac Ranch
  • Texas Air and Space Museum
  • American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum
  • Amarillo Museum of Art
  • Jack Sisemore Traveland RV Museum
  • Amarillo Zoo
  • Amarillo Botanical Gardens
  • Wonderland Amusement Park

How to get there

Hours of operation

10:00AM to 10:30PM daily


This varies on when you go but typically a meal is about $30.



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