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Portugal Trip 2022 Day 1

Lisbon Portugal, May 25, 2022

We arrived in Lisbon 20 minutes early on our flight from the US. We got through customs in under 10 minutes and took the metro to the Alameda Neighborhood which was where we needed to switch lines to get to our AirBnB. Since we were tired and Jet Lag was running towards us we left the station at Alameda and found a quiet cafe where we got a Latte and a Croissant. We then went back to the metro and got on to head towards our apartmento in the Baixa neighborhood in Lisbon. Our AirBnB has a view of the waterfront and is close to a large square. We waited in the square for about an hour for our place to be ready before checking in.

Once checked in we got refreshed and took a short nap before heading out to explore the area in preparation for taking a 360º video in the morning.

Around 7PM we grabbed some dinner nearby. I had a Paella and Susan had cod. We then wandered the neighborhood some more trying to determine if we could live here, deciding we’re not sure right now. Attached are some photos from our night time stroll.



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