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Japan Log Day 3

Day 3, Tokyo, 3/24/19:

On our third day Jonathan and I dropped our large luggage off at the storage location as we are preparing to travel south. Sue cleaned up the AirBnB and we checked out and relocated to our new AirBnB on the other side of Tokyo. Since we had time to kill we got our JR Rail Passes validated in Shinjuku and then found a Cheese Tart shop. We picked up 2 tarts each. Since Japan does not think you should eat outside of your house we went to a Starbucks got our caffeine hit and enjoyed our cheese tarts. These were also excellent. We then wandered around the back alleys and side streets of Shinjuku near the station with our luggage looking for street food. We struck out as all the shops were really small and the three of us and our luggage would take up an entire place.

Note: The Japanese seem to take a suitcase everywhere. I’m not sure what this is for, but I have to assume it’s empty and it was not fun taking my full suitcase in back alleys. I do not recommend this and would be getting a locker at the train station next time.

After lugging our luggage through Shinjuku’s side streets we then took the train over to Tokyo Sky Tree where our next AirBnb is located. Tokyo Skytree is like the Space needle in Seattle with a mall underneath it. We got lunch in Tokyo SkyTree and had fun finding a table to eat at but managed. By the time we finished lunch it was time to check into our AirBnb. Once we got checked in and had a rest we moved on to our next adventure.

We went to Asakusa and saw the Buddhist temple. We will be going back to take more pictures. We also went to Akihabara to see it at night and the pictures we took do not do it justice. We will be going back to both places on the back end. We had some ok Sushi in Akiba and then after Sue got a Crepe from a street stand we headed home to our AirBnB.


Shinjuku during the day






Shopping street beside Asakusa Shrine


Asakusa Shrine Gate


Statue in Asakusa Shrine


Shrine in Asakusa Shrine


Buddhist Temple at Asakusa Shrine


Buddhist bell at Asakusa Shrine


Shopping district beside Asakusa Shrine


Akihabara at night


Akihabara AKA electric city at night


Electric City at night


This was next to our AirBnB and is a copy of a famous paining.


Tokyo Skytree at night


Mural inside Skytree


Help me I’m going to fall




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