Texas Air and Space Museum

The Bald Traveler Review:

Rating: 3 out of 5.

The Texas Air and Space Museum is a small aviation museum located on the grounds of the Amarillo Airport. Having worked in the past on contracts for the FAA whenever I see an aviation museum I have to go. Do not get confused this is not a Smithsonian level museum or even like the intrepid museum. It is a small local museum staffed by volunteers. It takes up less then half a hanger with most aircraft actually outside.

The Museum is open most days and is staffed by volunteers. It has two signature pieces, a DC-3 which was the last DC-3 used by the FAA to validate landing procedures at airports, and a NASA shuttle simulator used by the pilot of the Columbia shuttle tragedy, who was an Amarillo native.

There is a large model room and exhibit area that was a nice surprise for me based on the size of the museum. For a free museum this is a nice one and well worth a stop if you are in Amarillo with some time to spare.

When to go

The museum is open Monday through Saturday 10am to 4pm. There may be a bit of a wait to see the outside exhibits if a volunteer is not available.

What is nearby?

Amarillo has a lot to offer in attractions for the traveler.

How to get there

Hours of operation

10:00AM to 4:00PM Monday – Saturday


Free but they do accept donations to maintain the aircraft and for their new building. I recommend between $5 and $10.



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