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2020 Pandemic Trip Day 1, Escape to San Diego

August 9th, 2020

We left Phoenix and it’s 120 degree heat with Jonathan in tow. The goal was to safely get to cooler weather for a week while working a few days. We settled on San Diego as it’s Covid19 cases was lower then Phoenix and it’s temperature was about 50 degrees lower then Phoenix on average.

The first thing we found in planning the trip was that AirBnB’s in San Diego were filling up during the time we wanted to go. We had to shift our time by a week and cut a day off to get what we felt was a reasonable AirBnB in San Diego.

We left Phoenix just after 8AM to try and beat the heat as we headed west. We got to San Diego 6 hours later just before 2PM and headed over to drive around Coronado Island while we waited for our unit to be ready for check in at 3PM. After a quick loop around and seeing more people on the beach then we expected we headed to Balboa Park. Balboa Park had ample parking and while crowded, you were still able to social distance for the most part. Although we kept our masks on while we were in the park. After wandering around Balboa Park for about an hour to kill time we headed to get the keys for the AirBnB and check in.

We got to the unit which is in the gas lamp district and relaxed for a few hours before heading out to see about food. When we drove into where we were staying we noticed streets blocked off. This was to allow restaurants to create outdoor patios for dining. The gas lamp area was crowded but not what I would normally expect for a Sunday in August. We wandered around to see what food was available and I checked out my DJI Osmo Pocket for taking street tour videos. I will make some videos during the week and post them to my Youtube Channel so stay tuned.

We got dinner at an Indian Restaurant and headed back home where we watched Netflix for a few hours before heading to bed.


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