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About Us

How We Started

The Bald Traveler came about during a trip the Founders took with friends to Japan in the Spring of 2019 to see the Sakura blossums and the sites of Japan. While in Hiroshima Dave and Jonathan took a walk at dusk to get some shots of the atomic peace park memorials before heading to
Hiroshima Castle. While Dave was taking a picture of the Atomic Bomb Dome through the Cenotaph, Jonathan took a few pictures to get the lighting and snapped a picture of the back of Dave’s head framed by the Centoaph. Back at our AirBnB later that night we were looking at our pictures and we jokingly said that we should take more pictures of the
back of Dave’s bald head and post them to Instagram. We started to do this and then started The Bald Traveler Instagram page. We continue to post pictures of the back of Dave’s bald head in areas that he visits on the instagram page. The pafe will never show Dave’s face as his is the
bald traveler. This website is an offshoot of that experience as a way to help people travel and experience their fandom’s whether it is touring the locations featured in Yowamushi Pedal, visiting the Studio Ghibli Museum as a Totoro fan, walking the Torii Gates at Fushimi Inari, or visiting that castle that inspired Hogwarts in Harry Potter. We aim to help you find the locations you want…no…need to visit and create guides to make your trip a success. Whether you are an introvert or extrovert geeky fan our aim
is to help you make the best trip possible.

Dave Heath

The Bald Traveler

Dave is The Bald Traveler, he has traveled the world both for pleasure and for work. He enjoys planning trips for himself and others and is always willing to explore new things. His typical vacation plan is to find a bunch of things to do and then wing it and see what he can and spend as much time as he needs wherever he is. He has taken formal tours and much prefers to leave the planning to the day of so he can spend hour at a location or just a few minutes depending on how he feels. He will however spend days and weeks helping his friends and others plan the most detailed
trips with down to the minute itineraries if that is what makes them comfortable traveling.

Susan Heath


Susan enjoys traveling the world and seeing new sights. She likes spending time in nice hotels and being pampered by the finer things in life that she can justify while on vacation. She likes to let Dave create a travel guide for their trips and then just going with the flow as long as there is good food and shopping opportunities. She helps provide comments for the venues on the site and makes sure that the descriptions and notes are not to dry and boring.