Portugal Trip 2022 Day 2

Today started at 6:30 am when I got up and took a 360º video of the neighborhood. I came back and started editing the video for upload to Youtube.

We then went slightly north to Rossio and had lunch at a small cafe. Before heading into the square and then went looking for one of the Elevador lifts that dot Lisbon and carry people from the city center to the elevated neighborhoods.

Mmm Lunch
Elavador Santa Justas

We then took a Bolt (Uber alternative) to the Parque de Nacoas neighborhood which is undergoing a revitilization. We really liked the area.

We then went to two other neighborhoods in Lisbon Encarnaçao which we thought was too quiet for us, and Alvalade which we also liked and had more green areas.

Encarnaçao apartment block
Statue in Alvalade
Aprtment Block in Avalade

For dinner we wandered around and ended up at a Hamburger place, the food was ok but the burgers were well done. We then tried to ride the Elevador we found earlier but left after waiting for over 20 minutes and the lift didn’t transit once.

We stopped at the place we got lunch at and got some pastries for desert and breakfast tomorrow.
In the morning we head to Faro as long as the Rail strike doesn’t shut down the railroad.


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