Portugal Trip 2022 Day 3

Lisbon to Faro Portugal, May 27, 2022

We checked out of AirBnB in Lisbon early in the morning for us at 9:10 and walked up to the Metro entrance. We found the entrance about 200m from our place instead of the other entrance on top of the hill. We had to wait about 15 minutes because the railway workers were on strike until 9:30 am. We then took the metro to one of Lisbon’s train stations to catch our train to Faro.

The Train we were taking was an inter city train and would take about three and a half hours to get to Faro with about 8 stops along the way. When we got to the train station which was right on top of the Metro station we were not sure which platform to take. Unlike other places they don’t post upcoming trains until 15 minutes before departure. So I went and asked a ticket agent and he told us which platform, which was then confirmed by the departure terminal. We waited on the platform for about 30 minutes as the train was 15 minutes late arriving.

The ride down to Faro was nice and confirmed we would not want to live in the countryside.

We got into Faro about 1:45PM which was about 15 minutes late. Since we couldn’t check into our AirBnB until 3 and it is located near the train station we went and found some lunch. We are definitely in Europe as we had over an hour to eat get to our place for checkin, but food didn’t come out for over an hour after ordering. The food was really good and worth the wait.

We have a video tour of our Apertmento here in Faro which will be linked here as soon as it’s edited and posted.

After waiting for the heat of the day to go away we ventured outside and headed toward the city center and it’s walled city section. We wandered around looking for food and went inside the walled city where we found a nice bistro for dinner.

We finished the day off by taking a random walk through the neighborhoods close to the city center and not getting lost.


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    I’m looking forward to your post tomorrow. I’m planning the same itinerary in the spring

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