Travel Plan Upsets During The Covid19 Pandemic And How To Rebound

In this time of uncertainty it is hard to plan a trip especially an international one. We here are the Bald Traveler have all had to cancel trips as have our friends. Luckily for us here we hadn’t made any purchases yet of air fare as we still over 6 months out from our planned trip date. But some of our friends did have to wade through the process of getting refunds because the countries where they were travelling were not letting people into them.

Travel Insurance

In these times we here at The Bald Traveler recommend getting travel insurance. Even if you have coverage through your credit card consider getting an extra plan in case your credit card pulls coverage as one of ours has. Also consider international medical and evacuation insurance. Check out our posts on travel insurance here for more information. While we don’t normally buy travel insurance we are for our international trips next year as the prices are cheaper now but there is still a chance we may not be able to leave the country and get to our destinations. We do normally buy medical and evacuation insurance though and will continue to do so on any of our international trips.

When purchasing coverage either medical or travel/trip interruption insurance make sure they have not specifically excluded Covid19 from coverage.

Stay Local

This year with our journeys we waited until later in the year and stayed local. We took a camping trip a few hours away and socially distanced. Then we went to San Diego which was a short drive from our home base in Phoenix and stayed in a AirBnB. We’re not quite ready to fly or stay in a hotel, but as treatments and vaccines become available we will start opening up where and how we travel. We’re prepared for this virus to stay around and be apart of our lives, but we are practicing social isolation as much as possible with our travels.

We recommend that you stay local, check out a state park with cabins you can rent, or book an AirBnB that you an drive to and relax outside of your house. Get out but be responsible is our motto right now.

We’re here to Help

If you have questions or need help in planning a trip, please reach out to us and we will help you as we can. We will also be launching travel supplies to help you travel safer in the coming weeks so be looking for our online store.

Travel Safe and Cheers,

The Bald Traveler, Dave…

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