It’s been two years…

Where I’ve been these last few months.

It’s been almost 6 months since my last post on any media. To be honest the U.S. was not doing well with Covid-19 and the borders were shut down. I went into a bit of depression as I missed a full year of travel for the most part and didn’t get to see my planned destinations. But as they say what brings us down will make us stronger.

I’m happy to report that I have gotten the Vaccine via my work. I got the Johnson and Johnson one shot vaccine. Mrs Bald Traveler is scheduled to get the first shot of the Pfizer vaccine tonight at 3am, and Johnathan got his first shot of the Pfizer vaccine last week. So we are on our way to being vaccinated and feeling like we can travel again safely. I will be getting a Hepatitis A vaccine as I realized when I was updating my vaccine records that I only have the B vaccine. Mrs. Bald Traveler will be getting both vaccines here later this year.

With the Vaccine wait behind us we are starting to make plans to travel again when Europe or Japan opens back up. Both look to be a ways off yet but we will make our plans and go to the first place we safely can without jeopardizing our safety or that of the country we will be visiting. This is good as I just recently changed jobs and I need to build up my vacation time again. So I will shortly be starting a more rigorous exercise routine so that I am in shape to travel and explore when the time comes.

To help motivate me to be ready I am working on some upcoming stories for YouTube and the blog here. These will be around what I take on a trip and suggestions of various pieces of gear. My first three stories are planned to be what’s in my travel bags for 2021/2022, My footwear choices for travel, and my current filming gear for the channel in 2021/2022.

It’s our two year anniversary today.

Today marks the two year anniversary of The Bald Traveler. It was two years ago today the the below picture was taken by Johnathan at the Atomic Peace Park in Hiroshima. From that initially came the idea of an Instagram account where only the back of my head is shown at various places. Then I decided to make a blog and YouTube channel to provide my knowledge of traveling and help people to travel around the world. You will notice on the blog, Facebook, and YouTube I do show my face as I believe it’s important at times to get what I’m talking about across. However the Instagram account will remain true and you will only see images of the back of my head. Which to be honest is the best part of me anyway. Happy two year anniversary from The Bald Traveler crew and here’s to many more in the future.


The Bald Traveler



  1. Thailand is opening up to vaccinated travellers, is it on your list?

    1. It is on my list. I’ve made a note to do some research on what we want to see there as there is so much there with the temples and entertainment areas.

    2. It is on our list. I’ll need to start building up a rough itinerary as there are so many areas I want to see and I’ll need to limit it for the first trip.

      1. Great!


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